Best ways to boost immunity and stay strong

Hi , welcome to healthy blush, hope you are fine and doing great in your life. Today’s topic is about boosting immunity as we need our immune system to be more strong now, than ever before. Strong immune system fights against viruses and helps us get rid of viral fevers quickly. Several factors like sleep, diet, hygiene, age effect the performance of the immune system. Having said that, here are few tips which everyone of us must follow to stay safe and healthy during these trying times.

Foods to boost immunity

  • Consume foods rich in vitamin C like grapefruit, tangerines, lemons, oranges, as vitamin C helps encourage the production of white blood cells called lymphocytes which help protect your body against infections.

  • Consume garlic and ginger in moderation on a daily basis as these are known to fight throat and lung infections.

  • Consume foods rich in pro-biotics like yogurt, kimchi, and other fermented foods, as pro-biotics are made of good bacteria which keeps your body healthy and helps fight off bad bacteria.

  • Foods rich in anti-oxidants like green tea, apples, spinach etc are also known to make the immune system stronger.

  • Also consume poultry, that is chicken and eggs in enough quantity to get enough protein and amino acids which are used by your body to build antibodies and fight infection.

  • Turmeric is proven to reduce inflammation and fight bacteria causing colds, so make sure to include that in your food as well.


Despite consuming healthy and nutrient rich foods, some of us might fall sick very easily, that is because of the poor nutrient absorption by our body. So make sure to consume multi-vitamin supplements which contains vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, as it is proven to boost immunity.

Sun bathing

I cannot emphasize enough, the benefits of sun bathing for our body. Sun rays are very effective in killing fungi, bacteria and virus in our body which causes skin infections, throat infections, cold, flu, etc.

The sun rays during the mornings and evenings are very mild and effective, so make sure you spend some time every day sitting in a sunny spot, at least 10-15 minutes during summers and 20 minutes during winter. Sun rays are also a good source of vitamin D and they are free. 😉

Sanitize regularly

Do not forget to sanitize your hands, arms and face regularly and make sure your place is disinfected as well. Sanitizing every now and then ensures that very few bacteria enters into body, and as a consequence, the immune system spends less time fighting bacteria and more time building itself. 😊

Exercise regularly

Exercising on a daily basis, or spending time in physical activities like cycling, playing sports makes significant difference in the performance of your immune system as exercising makes your body to sweat and let the toxins leave your body.

Sound sleep

Enough sleep is crucial for the proper functioning of immune system, as the immune system and even other parts of the body spend time repairing and healing themselves while the body is in sleeping state.

Apart from all  of these habits, it’s important to stay strong and try to avoid stressful thoughts and situations and keep yourself positive and spend your time in a healthy way which leaves you with good vibes. I hope these tips will be of great use to you, very obliged and my best wishes to you. 💗

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