Foods which cured my acne

Everyone of us face acne and pimple issues at least once in our lifetime. Acne is not merely a skin issue, and it has a lot to do with the overall body health.

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In this blog, let me suggest you those natural foods, which you must include in your diet, to make your skin acne free; you can consume few of them according to your flexibility, but make sure you are consistent whilst following the routine, because natural foods show significant results only on consistent usage and they don’t give over night results.



The most important food for our skin and body is water. I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of consuming enough water everyday. Up to 60% of the adult human body is made up of water and the rest constitutes the solid mass. 

Our food must contain around 60 to 70% of water and the rest should be solids. But we do it the other way, most of the times, we consume foods with less water content like bread, buns, cheese, etc.

 Try including water based foods like soups, detox smoothies, herbal teas in your diet. Make sure you have your water bottle by your side always, and do not forget to take little sips, just like you sip a tea.



Citrus fruits like Oranges, lemons, grape fruit are rich in vitamin C and your skin loves it. So consume at least one of these fruits every day. Water rich fruits like apples, watermelons, cucumbers, pine apples help flush the impurities in your body and make your skin glowing.

Also fruits like papaya, bananas, avocado, berries are proven to make skin clearer and glowing.

Aloe vera



Fresh aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Aloe vera helps in shrinking acne bumps and exfoliates dead acne skin. Aloe also helps in reducing acne marks. Just be consistent and apply fresh aloe gel every day to see amazing results. 
Cut an aloe leaf into small slices and peel off the skin and massage it on your skin for 5min and leave it on for at least few hours. It acts as a best moisturizer and acne cream for your skin 🙂

Herbal teas to cure acne

Green tea with lemon


It is well known that green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and it also helps you to flush out the impurities in blood which can cause acne. Lemon boosts the detoxing ability of green tea, making it very effective tea to fight acne.

Spearmint tea

Consuming one to two cups of organic spearmint tea can reduce breakouts and it is proven by dermatologists. Spearmint tea is very potential in killing acne causing bacteria and its anti-inflammatory properties help to calm and soothe your skin.

Lemon and honey

Surely, it is the most precious tea for acne. Lemon and honey tea is a must have in your daily routine to cure acne problems. I suggest you to consume warm water with lemon and honey everyday and see the results yourself. Empty stomach would be the best time to consume it, but you can also have it post your meal in the afternoons or even at nights.

Try to minimize unhealthy food in your daily routine and include at least a few of the above foods to control your acne and make your skin glowing. Have a nice day. ❤


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